Odera Ogbodo


I believe that life is a continous learning process. No one can ever know everything.


I aim to make a positive input into the society which raised me and in the process, leave my mark in the sands of time. To achieve this, I aim to work for a career driven organisation, where I'll acquire all relevant experience in order to achieve and futher invest back into the society.


My hobbies are perfectly aligned in such a way that they also help sharpen my professional and personal development; as well as enhance my brain activity. They include, Playing and watching football (and sport in genral), playing technical games, web surfing and research, solving complex technical problems and music production.

about me

I am an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual, recently graduated with a First Class Honours in BSc in Information and Communications Technology from the University of Greenwich, London. Having developed academic knowledge of a range of front and back end systems and technologies, I am now keen to join an innovative business where I can contribute on a practical level.

IT and Data Analysis

I have experience working as a front end technical support analyst and also a data analyst.

Business Development

Creativity and innovation aids in my ability to develop business plans and technical development proposals for businesses.

Project Analysis, Development and Management

Knowledge and Experience in System Development and Event Planning aids in my ability to plan and execute events, porjects and plans effectively.

Strategy Development amd Business Management

I am reliably competent in strateguc analysis and strategic planning as well as business management models and techniques.

My skills

I am skilled in the use of different tools and technical development platforms. The different tools cut across different sectors such as IT development, Business Development and Management, Event Analysis and Implementation, etc.

A few of the tools and the respective proficiency levels are;.

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My education

I studied Information and Communications Technology at the University of Greenwich, London at BSc Level. I intend to acquire further necessary academic and professional qualifications in due course.

My academic qualification was laced with a lot of practical, technial and industry experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

BSc Information and Communication Technology

University of Greenwich / September 2012 - June 2015

First Class Hons

The degree emphasised on IT services generation and management; as well as business development, strategic analysis and enterprise architectures as well as Software Engineering, Project Management and E-Business Innovation.

Foundation Diploma

University of Greenwich / September 2011 - June 2012


The foundation degree involved Cultural Studies and International Relations as well as Business Ethics and Basics of Computing Sciences

Work Experience

I have over six (6) years experience working in different business sectors in different countries. These experiences have helped in my personal and professional development as well as gain of good business ethics.

Some of the most recent work experiences are;

Research Officer

NYSC- Ebonyi State University,Abakaliki,Ebonyi State Nigeria / October 2015 - October 2016

1 year

The National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria.

IT Support

University of Greenwich, London / June 2014 - September 2015

1 year

Key Duties include IT support, Lab Assistance, Front Desk Enquiry Assistance, Application and System support, Router Configuration and Blanking, Inventory Taking, Hardware support, Software fixes e.g. Visual Studio, VMWare.

Employability/Data Analyst

University of Greenwich, London / May 2013 - September 2015

2 years

Key Duties include Data Analysis, Event Planning and Management, Record Keeping and Filing, IT Support, Student Enquiry Assistance/Support, Data Analysis, Application and system Support, Hardware support, Strategic Analysis and Business Planning


A few of the projects I've been involved in. Some of these projects however, were not hosted on the web as they were stricty ground projects.

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